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I am a computer loving, book-devouring (eyes only, I really don’t eat them), World of Warcraft playing, card-carrying nerd. During the day, I am theĀ  Library Services Consultant (formerly the Director of Technology Services) for NEKLS (see how I neatly fit 2 of my passions into one job – now to figure out how to get paid to play WoW…) and spend my time managing websites, and answering questions and concerns from the librarians in the NEKLS region. I spend my copious free time traveling the world and talking about computers, computer training, Web 2.0, cloud computing and the underpinnings of Web 2.0 – RSS. Some of it is for my job, some of it is done professionally on my own (wanna hire me?). I have a list of past and future presentations and workshops I’ve led or will be leading here on this blog – and I try to link to all of my presentations after I’ve done them, so take a look! I also do a bit of writing – so far, several articles, a technology report and 4 books. For fun, I hang out with my son and/or friends or I read voraciously – I only watch TV after I’ve gone to bed for the night and I never seem to have time to make it to the movies these days… I’m also very active on a number of social networks, follow me as webgoddess on Twitter or friend me on Facebook. You can find me in various other places around the ‘net as well!

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